LaceLok® is a revolutionary solution for secondary wire harness support and is a direct replacement for hand-tied lace and cable ties. The LaceLok system consists of LaceLok (Cable Lacing Fasteners or CLF) and the LaceLok installation tool which combined provide safer and superior results.

LaceLok is made of non-abrasive aerospace-grade meta-aramid fiber lace and features a small, rounded fastener. It can withstand extreme temperatures from -65°C to 260°C and is resistant to common chemicals including hydraulic fluid, JP-8 jet fuel, lubricating oil, and isopropyl alcohol.

LaceLok offers enhanced ergonomics eliminating abrasions, operator fatigue, and repetitive motion injuries often caused by cable ties and hand-tied lace. Installing LaceLok is simple. The user wraps LaceLok around the bundle and squeezes the trigger 2-3 times to tighten, lock, and cut the excess lace. LaceLok terminates consistently at 20 lbs (+/- 2 lbs) of applied tension. The resulting loop force is controlled by the fastener, not the user.

LaceLok is Mil-Spec qualified to MIL-DTL-32554 and MIL-DTL-32555 and is approved as a secondary wiring support device for aerospace vehicles under SAE specification AS50881H.