M12 coding explained

M12 connectors come in a variety of configurations and this list is growing.

Here are the current configurations.


  • A-coded for sensors, dc power and 1 Gbit Ethernet (Can Open & Devicenet)
  • B-coded for Profibus & Interbus
  • C-coded for ac power
  • D-coded for 100 Mbit Ethernet (Profinet & Ethercat)
  • X-coded for 10 Gbit Ethernet
  • S-coded for ac power (will eventually replace C-coded power parts)
  • T-coded for dc power (will eventually replace A-coded power parts)
  • K-
  • L-coded for power 12A / 63V AC or DC
  • M-
  • P-coded for early mate and last break PE contact

Pin count

  • Connector ranges include male and female connectors in 2, 3, 4, 5, 8 and 12 positions and Y Connectors