Customer Service

We know what we’re talking about.

By talking directly with our experts, you can be assured that the person at our end knows what they are talking about and is motivated to find the right connector for the job. When you call us you won’t encounter a call centre or an automated answering system – promise. The professional and technical depth of our organisation gives us a good working knowledge of viable solutions within different industries and environments. It doesn't take us long at all to ascertain what the problem is and the solution options.

How we go about meeting your needs.

Our head office team, based in Lower Hutt, handles all enquiries. This team also runs the central warehousing and management hub for efficient product distribution throughout the country. In addition, we have technical sales people covering the North and South Island, visiting customers and suppliers regularly and keeping in touch with our key industries.

We take pride in locating the right solution to support your application and delivering these from reputable and well-known international manufacturers. In addition, many of our products are multi-sourced, which means that there are usually several options for getting items to you when they are needed. We carry a wide and varied range of stock which allows us to offer overnight delivery of many of the more popular and widely used items. We will also forward order product for scheduled deliveries.

It’s our business to be up to date with the latest global technologies. To that end, we visit our key suppliers annually in Europe and America and attend key international electrical industry conferences.

Quick, easy and smart ordering.

Our streamlined ordering processes deliver the best in customer service. We operate an integrated customer/product, supplier and warehousing system, which ensures seamless ordering and product releases. And, of course, a team member manages each order. Where stock is on hand, orders placed by 4pm are dispatched that same day.

The online product catalogue, with technical information and photographs, is also very useful to garner product information by brand or product. However, not everything is immediately available via the web so a quick call to our office will have that missing data quickly.

Given the technical nature of our products, many of our clients will send us a picture of the problem they are trying to solve or what they are looking to source. This is a quick and easy way to receive guidance in securing what you are after.

Customer service is paramount to us – don’t be surprised if you receive a call from us to make sure that the purchase process was exactly as expected and the solution is working for you.

We look forward to receiving your order.

Additional Technical Support.

Connection Technologies also has the expertise, resources and tooling to provide assembly of connectors to manufacturer’s specifications. We have assembled product for the New Zealand and Australian Defence Forces, high-tech medical solutions and many other specialised applications.

As part of our service, we consider the environment in which a connector will be used. New Zealand has a particularly adverse natural environment with extreme UV and a strongly salt laden atmosphere; which means that care must be taken to select the connector that will perform best under these conditions.

This technical support is provided within the context of our ‘end-to-end’ solution design. For example, we may ask you the actual wire gauge for your product and check to make sure you have the correct crimp tool, and the right mating half for testing.

Should you have an ongoing need for a particular product, we’re happy to look at stocking specific items to sure that overnight delivery is always available.

Quality Assured.

We believe that Connection Technologies Ltd is New Zealand’s only Civil Aviation Authority compliant supplier. In accordance with their requirements, outlined in the Civil Aviation Authority Rules, Part 19F we supply the compliance documentation for all items required for avionic applications. This very rigorous QA standard is embedded across our whole business, applying to all orders across all suppliers, industries and customers.