Custom Molded Harsh Environment Cables

Custom Molded Harsh Environment Cables
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Switchcraft's exclusive molded cable assembly process affords the additional advantages of reduced cost and weathertight reliability plus the added benefits of permament and service free termination without the risk of cable pull out.
Lighting, medical, GPS 
data, alternative energy, 
instrumentation, safety & 
security and general industrial 
electronic applications
• Permanent and service free 
termination without the risk 
of cable pull out
• Weathertight reliability
• Available sealed or non-sealed- IEC IP67 or IP68 NEMA 250 (6P)
• Custom made to customer specifications
• EMI / RFI Shielded versions available
• Right angle and straight overmolds
• Ability to terminate non-Switchcraft and Conxall ends
• Quick disconnect option available in-line or panel mount
• Custom molded ends available
Coupling ring oD: 
0.532” OD-1.98” OD
Contact sizes:
#12, #16, #20, #22 & #26
number of Contacts:
2 thru 37
Connector Electrical rating:
Up to 23.0A, 600V AC / DC
overmolded Cable Diameter: 
Con-X- 0.545” OD MAX
Shielded- 0.380” OD MAX
EN3- 0.380” OD MAX