Connector Accessories

cone and ring backshell

A connector accessory may be defined as a component used with a connector to enhance its operational characteristics but which does not interfere with its basic function of connecting and disconnecting electrical circuits. In many situations however, the useful life of a connector would be severely compromised without the proper accessory.

The extensive range of connector applications and usage environments accounts for the wide variety of accessory configurations, each one designed to meet a specific need.

The accessories available from Spacecraft cover the following categories:
  • Backshells
  • Bulkhead Adapters
  • Conduit Fittings
  • Dummy Receptacles
  • Dust Caps
  • Gaskets for Flange Mount Receptacles
  • Jam Nuts for Jam Nut Receptacles
  • Mounting Plates for Flange Mount Receptacles
  • Pipe Thread Adapters
  • Rubber Bushings
  • Sealing Plugs
  • Shield Terminations
  • Shorting Cans
To view a full catalogue of Spacecraft's connector accessories, click here. pdficon large