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ODU specialises in cylindrical connectors for many applications in their Mini-Snap, Mini-Snap PC and Medi-Snap series and High Power/Mixed Combination matable connectors in their MAC (Modular Attachable Connector) range and ODU DOCK/ROB range.

The ODU Group brings all the relevant industrial skills and key technologies together in one company: design and development, machine tool and special machine construction, injection, stamping, turning, surface technology, assembly and cable assembly

Push-Pull Circular Connectors
odu-minisnap-menu ODU MINI-SNAP
is an ideal self-securing circular connection for a multitude of application areas. Whether for transferring power, signals, data or even media – this circular connector in a robust metal housing offers great long-term quality, reliability and functionality.
odu-amc-menu ODU AMC
Designed especially for military and security technology, this extremely robust metal circular connector series satisfies every demand when it comes to loading capacity and transfer reliability. The ODU AMC® is in its element even under the most extreme field conditions: tough, watertight and easy to clean even in the field.
Other Connectors
odu-heavy-menu Heavy Duty Connectors
Rain, wind, water, snow or frost – these robust circular connectors easily stand up to the toughest of environmental conditions. Whether in use on container cranes or in smelting furnaces, the solid housings have been designed for the most adverse circumstances.
odu-mac-menu ODU-MAC Modular Connectors
Whether for signals, power, high current, high voltage, coax, media such as air or fluid, data rates or fiber optics – you can select all types of transmission and integrate them into your customized connection solution for automatic docking or manual mating.
odu-rob-menu Docking and Robotic System Connectors
odu-card-menu Printed Circuit Boards Connectors
PCBs constitute the heart of almost all industrial equipment – particularly in the area of automation. Reliable contact technology is crucial to the transfer security of services, signals and data. With the versatile PCB connector product range from ODU you are opting for maximum flexibility in your application designs
odu-singlecontact-menu Single Contact Connectors