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Save time and money by replacing your old lockwire system with Safe-T-Cable™

System Benefits
  • User Friendly Tooling
  • Lighter Weight Than Lockwire
  • Improved Security Of Fasteners
  • Considerable Reduction Of Rework
  • Minimal Operator Training Is Required
  • Simplified Installation Procedures
  • Reduces Installation And Inspection Time
  • Cable Tension Consistent On Each Application
  • Eliminates Injury Due To Sharp Lockwire Ends
  • Reduces Risk Of Carpel Tunnel Injuries
  • Improved Access To Tight Areas


The Complete Fastener Retention System...

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1.  Thread

A Cable assembly is threaded thru the fasteners in a direction which will exert a positive pull on the fastener when tension is applied.

2.  Insert

Simply insert the Cable through the ferrule cartridge and the tool nose.

3. Crimp

Correct tension is applied, the ferrule is firmly crimped, and the cable is cut flush with the end of the ferrule.

4. Inspect

The job is complete.  A secure installation in a fraction of the time it takes to install lockwire.


System Highlights

The Safe-T-Cable™ system is comprised of various lengths of high tensile, pre-twisted, stainless steel cable with a fitting at on end, and a ferrule which may be terminated at any point along the length of the cable.  The precision installation tool and its accessories allow the user to verify the calibration, and easily install the Safe-T-Cable™ in any location in which it is required.

THE SAFE-T-CABLE™ ADVANTAGE...  Standards have been created to define the configuration and performance characteristics of this revolutionary system.  Production and maintenance professionals who have evaluated this improved technology agree that is far superior to any method they have previously used.  The simplicity of the system is the reason why Safe-T-Cable™ is preferred by the user.  The security which it provides is the reason for its preference by the system designer.

THE SAFE-T-CABLE™ VERSATILITY ADVANTAGE...  The operator follows a simple procedure, and the job is finished in half the time required to install lockwire.

SAFE-T-CABLE™ MINIMIZES REWORK...  It is common with lockwire to rework a single installation one or more times due to improper twist pattern, inadequate tension, or other defects. Safe-T-Cable™ seldom has to be cut and reworked because the installation tool applies consistent tension to the pre-twisted cable assembly.

SAFE-T-CABLE™ REQUIRES LESS OPERATOR TRAINING...  Extensive training is necessary to qualify an operator to install lockwire due to the stringent requirements.  A few minutes is all that is necessary to enable an operator to produce high quality Safe-T-Cable™ installations.

SAFE-T-CABLE™ MINIMIZES F.O.D. IN THE WORK AREA...  Installed Safe-T-Cable™ can easily be removed in two pieces by simply cutting the cable in half.  Discarded cable assemblies can be picked up with the use of magnet sweeps, allowing the work area to remain clean and safe.

SAFE-T-CABLE™ FITS WHERE LOCKWIRE HAS DIFFICULTIES...  It can be installed in locations having limited access due to the design of the precision application tool.  Often, these areas do not permit access of lockwire twisting pliers and visual inspection equipment.

SAFE-T-CABLE™ WORLDWIDE SOURCE...  The complete Safe-T-Cable™ system, cable, ferrules and tooling is available at DMC.  We have developed a worldwide network of professionals to aid you in answering technical questions and to keep you up to date with the most current Safe-T-Cable™developments.. DMC is your worldwide supplier of Safe-T-Cable™