Special Purpose Crimp Tools


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DMC Special Purpose Tools are solving many problems in airframe manufacturing and other repetitive production applications. The reason is simplicity. The tools are simple to use, simple to identify, almost impossible to use incorrectly, and are available at low cost.

We start with the same precision crimping mechanism and basic ratchet system which has been proven dependable in our Mil-Standard tool frames. We equip the unit with a built-in positioner which cannot be tampered with or removed. The depth of crimp (die closure) is internally locked to accommodate one or two wire sizes. Therefore, settings cannot be altered by unauthorized personnel.

Colour coding is also a standard feature in the special purpose tool. The handle grip colour identifies the proper tool for the contact/wire gage at a glance. This means fewer part numbers are involved in tool selection, and supervisors can identify tooling without interrupting production work.

Cost is another reason to look into the special purpose tool concept. A substantial savings is realized at the time of purchase when compared to multi-step tools requiring positioners or turret heads. And more savings are realized in terms of effective production and quality control. Also, there are savings benefits in less time lost in tool selection and elimination of rework due to improper settings of operator adjustable tools.

This system is currently specified in many phases of military and proprietary activity, including Air Force, Navy, NASA, commercial and military airframe manufacturers, and numerous others.

Let's get together and design a cost effective tooling package which will increase production and eliminate mistakes.