Open Frame Crimp Tools

M22520/5-01 (HX4) and M22520/10-01 (HX3)

open frame 1open frame 2

The DMC HX4 and HX3 series crimp tools feature a system of interchangeable dies which eliminate the need of separate fixed die crimp tools for each and every different application. Many maintenance and manufacturing concerns have standardized on one of these models, thus eliminating the cost associated with maintaining and calibrating bulky inventories of single purpose tools.

Tremendous flexibility and cost advantages exist with this crimping system due to the wide variety of interchangeable dies which are available for these tool frames. As new requirements evolve, a new set of dies is all that's required to meet this demand. A truly modern concept which will not require major change with time...only simple additions.

Crimping dies are snapped into the tool frame and retained in place by internal spring clips. They may be permanently secured, if desired, by driving a roll pin into the holes provided.

The tool frames are equipped with a positive ratchet assembly which controls compete handle movement in both directions.

Hexagonal crimp dies are available in a variety of combinations having single, double, and even triple cavity design. These dies accommodate most coaxial and triaxial connectors and contacts conforming to MIL-C-39012, MIL-C-39029, and numerous proprietary configurations. Other designs are available for coaxial connections requiring different termination techniques.

Dies in various crimp patterns are also available for insulated and uninsulated terminal lugs, wire splices and end caps relating to M7928, MS17143, MS25036, MS25181, MS27429, MS25274, MS20659, M81824, MS21003 through MS21015, and commercial part numbers. Several power contacts too large for conventional hand tools are also covered by interchangeable dies for the standard tool frame (HX4).

If your application requirement is not already covered by one of our standard dies our engineering department will be pleased to discuss a design to suit your needs.

The HX4 is 11" in length and weighs approximately 21 oz. The HX3 is 9" in length and weighs 11 oz.