Circular Indent Crimp Tools

Circular Indent Crimp Tools
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Circular Indent Crimp Tools
Models: MH801, MH802, MH803, MH804, GS100-1 & GS200-1 circular 1 The design of certain shielded contacts require two additional crimping operations. One for the shield crimp sleeve, the other for the outer body. (Note: On the MH802, MH803, and MH804 tools, in addition to the four opposing indenters, these tools also have four retainers which encompass the contact prior to the initiation of the crimping operation this assuring concentricity.) All of the tools give a concentric circular crimp configuration required by certain shielded contacts to insure compatibility with connector inserts and installing or removal tools in rear release applications, and/or maintain a consistent electric impedance. Thus an indenter pattern which conforms to the appropriate military drawing (see chart for specific part numbers) was adapted to our familiar standard and miniature tool frames. A full complement of positioners, inspection gages, and other accessories are available for these tool frames.

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Circular Indent Crimp Tools and Accessories
M22520/4-01 GS100-1 TOOL FRAME
M22520/4-02 GP295 POSITIONER
M22520/3-2 GP120 GAUGE
M22520/31-01 GS200-1 TOOL FRAME
M22520/31-02 G2P330 POSITIONER
M22520/3-15 G443 GAUGE
M22520/19-01 MH801 TOOL FRAME
M22520/19-02 D16P-1M POSITIONER
M22520/19-03 D16S-1M POSITIONER
M22520/19-04 D16LS-1M POSITIONER
M22520/3-4 G256 GAUGE (INDENTERS)
M22520/3-5 G257 GAUGE (RETAINERS)
M22520/20-01 MH802 TOOL FRAME
M22520/20-02 D16/1-1M POSITIONER
M22520/30-03 D16/2-1M POSITIONER
M22520/3-6 G258 GAUGE (RETAINERS)
M22520/21-01 MH803 TOOL FRAME
M22520/21-02 D12P-1M POSITIONER
M22520/21-03 D12S-1M POSITIONER
M22520/21-04 D12LS-1M POSITIONER
M22520/3-7 G259 GAUGE (RETAINERS)
M22520/22-01 MH804 TOOL FRAME
M22520/22-02 D12/1-1M POSITIONER
M22520/22-03 D12/2-1M POSITIONER
M22520/3-8 G260 GAUGE (RETAINERS)