binder is one of the leading manufacturers of circular connectors worldwide.

Our solution and application orientation differentiates us from our competitors and contributes to progress in growing and developing industries. With the claim to support and challenge employees binder sets standards in staff development. A careful use of resources determines our actions.

Binder Series 693 and 770 are the popular choice in NZ watch their videos.

binder menu industrial
  • M25 Power
  • Bayonet IP40 Power
  • RD24 Power
  • Bayonet HEC Power
  • RD30 Power
  • M23 Power
binder menu submini
  • Snap-in IP40
  • Snap-in IP67
  • M9 IP40
  • M9 IP67
  • Bayonet IP40
  • Micro Push-Pull IP67
  • Push-Pull IP67
binder menu mini Miniature Connectors
  • Snap-in IP67
  • M16 IP67
  • M16 IP40
  • Bayonet NCC
  • Push-Pull IP67
  • Bayonet IP40
binder menu auto Automation Connectors
  • M12-A
  • M5
  • M8
  • Connecting cords
  • M12-B
  • M18
  • M 12-T, M12-L
  • M12-S, M12-K
  • M12-D, M12-X
  • M12-US
  • 7/8"
  • M12-DT