Zlinx I/O Base Modules

Zlinx I/O Base Modules
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Faster and better than ever. Add wireless I/O to any Modbus system
  • Connects directly to analog, digital and temperature inputs and outputs
  • Point to point/multi-point wire replacement
  • Exandable, modular design
  • Modbus compatible
  • Class 1, Div 2 Approved
New Features
Improved Latency - Very low I/O latency allows real time control and monitoring.
Exception Reporting - In Modbus mode, allows the reporting of possible problems with connected devices.
Fail Safe - Allows you to set your I/O to a safe state in the event of a communication failure.
Calibration - Calculates correction factors to make I/O values more accurate or to better match a sensor.
Communications Failure Alarm - Allows the first DO to be configured as a COM failure alarm indicator.
Peer-to-Peer I/O Configuration - One to one I/O mapping of 2 identical systems. Allows remote control of analog and digital I/Os.
Inverter Outputs - Allows flexibility in the logic to control output devices.
Monitor - You can use the Zlinx Manager Software to monitor your I/O.Add Wireless I/O to Any Modbus System

Modbus Application (Peer to Multi-Peer)
Seamlessly add wireless I/O to any Modbus application. Modbus is the most widely supported I/O protocol worldwide for PLC's to HMI's and PC based software applications. With Zlinx Wireless I/O you can now bring wireless remote I/O into any Modbus system. Simply connect a Zlinx modem to an RS-232 or RS-485 port of the Modbus master and it can now poll up to 150 wireless I/O nodes - each node can be configured for 8 to 48 I/O points.

Point to Point Applications
B&B Electronics' cellular modem and wireless I/O products replicate analog or digital signals from a remote location wirelessly. Use a pair of Zlinx Wireless I/O modules to read sensor inputs or control actuators in hard-to-reach locations. Inputs and outputs of the paired Zlinx units will mirror-image each other, making it easy to add wireless I/O to any application.