Our brands

oduLogoSmall ODU specialises in cylindrical connectors for many applications.
partner4 Manufacturer of wide range of connectors for PCB, telecom, Data, industrial, waterproof and military applications.
partner2 Electronic modules for protection and conversion of 
RS232/RS485 and RS233 signals.
binder small A technical leader and innovator serving the automation and medical industries with  high-quality circular connectors & cordsets.
partner9 Small multi-pole connectors for data, test equipment 
and areas requiring a waterproof connector. Solder, 
crimp and PCB contacts.
dmc(copy) Manufacturer of crimp and assembly tooling, specifically used in military type connector applications.
logoetelec(copy) GEL insulated joints for single and multi core cables.
Five sizes for straight through and branch jointing.
partner8 Connectors to be found in the transportation industry, plastic and metal versions. Industrial, marine, earth moving and agriculture.
Schuetzinger LS Bild-Wortmarke 4C-877
2mm, 4mm safety plugs, sockets and test leads.
Glenair logo(copy) Connector accessories, back shells and connector strain relief. Specialised conduits, earth studs and composite material boxes and banding tools and bands.
partner1 World leading manufacturer and supplier of audio 
connectors. Microphone XLR type and speak on
connectors, RCA phono, 3.5mm, 2 and 3 con ¼ plugs 
for audio patching.
weiconlogo(copy) Manufacturer of high quality cable & wire strippers made in Germany. Accurate and fast with no damage to the wires. Available for round and flat cables, multi core and live wire application.
cidec(copy) Safety switch products, relays, photoelectric sensors 
and UL-508 listed power supplies
telegartner(copy) High quality range of RF coaxial connectors. Covering a wide range of RF connectors from BNC, TNC, N, MMCX, SMA and 7/16 DIN.
harting(copy) Harting Manufactures a wide range of industrial connectors for critical applications and demanding requirements as found in the industry.
becologo(copy) Leading manufacturer of transformer tap changer controller and protection relays for the power generation and reticulation industry.
phase3(copy) Offers both 500 & 800 amp single pole connectors for power distribution. Also 19 pin “Socapex” type lighting connector in both solder and crimp.
electroswitch(copy) High reliability switches and lockout relays for the power industry and critical industrial applications.
PMA(copy) PMA offers a wide range of high quality polyamide conduits for use in the harshest of environments.
sclogo small Spacecraft is a leading manufacturer and distributor of cylindrical connectors for the railways/transit, military, aerospace and various harsh environment markets.
rennsteig(copy) Offered is a wide range of cable cutters, stripping & crimp tooling. All made with high quality materials and German quality.
russtech RUSSTECH Engineering Company Incorporated is a leading specialist manufacturer / supplier serving the aerospace, military, transportation, and electronic industries.